Microbiology (C5)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Microbiology (C500) The scientific study of micro-organisms encompassing major components of genetics and molecular biology. Includes bacteriology, virology, cell structure and function, and may include some immunology. Biological Sciences
Applied microbiology (C510) The study of topics in microbiology of commercial, environmental or social importance. Includes interactions between the environment and microbial systems, bioremediation and microbial diversity. Biological Sciences
Medical & veterinary microbiology (C520) The study of the interactions between micro-organisms and their hosts. Biological Sciences
Medical microbiology (C521) The study of the interactions between micro-organism and their human hosts. Biological Sciences
Veterinary microbiology (C522) The study of the interactions between micro-organisms and their animal hosts. Biological Sciences
Bacteriology (C530) The study of bacteria and bacterial diseases. Biological Sciences
Virology (C540) The study of viruses and viral diseases. Biological Sciences
Immunology (C550) The study of the immune system as a defence mechanism against infection. Biological Sciences
Serology (C570) The study of sera and blood-related products. Biological Sciences
Microbiology not elsewhere classified (C590) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into other Microbiology categories.  To be used sparingly. Biological Sciences