Chemistry (F1)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Chemistry (F100) The study of individual atoms and molecules and the way they react together naturally and synthetically. Chemistry
Applied chemistry (F110) Topics in chemistry of commercial or social importance. Chemistry
Industrial chemistry (F111) The study of chemical processes of industrial significance. Chemistry
Colour chemistry (F112) The chemical science of dyes and pigments. Chemistry
Inorganic chemistry (F120) The study of inorganic elements, compounds and reaction mechanisms. Chemistry
Structural chemistry (F130) Determination and analysis of chemical structures. Chemistry
Crystallography (F131) The study and application of techniques for determining crystal structure. Chemistry
Environmental chemistry (F140) Concerned with environmental issues related to the chemical sciences. Chemistry
Marine chemistry (F141) Topics in the chemical sciences concerned with understanding the marine environment. Chemistry
Medicinal chemistry (F150) Aspects of Chemistry, such as drug design, of importance to medical science. Chemistry
Pharmaceutical chemistry (F151) The study of drug function. Chemistry
Organic chemistry (F160) The study of organic compounds and their reaction mechanisms. Chemistry
Organometallic chemistry (F161) The study of reactions between organic compounds and metals. Chemistry
Polymer chemistry (F162) The study of the properties of macromolecular compounds and their synthesis. Chemistry
Bio-organic chemistry (F163) The study of natural organic compounds. Chemistry
Petrochemical chemistry (F164) The chemical science of petroleum and petroleum compounds. Chemistry
Biomolecular chemistry (F165) The chemical science of biological materials at the molecular level. Chemistry
Physical chemistry (F170) The study of atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, energetics and dynamics. Chemistry
Analytical chemistry (F180) The study of chemical and instrumental analysis. Chemistry
Chemistry not elsewhere classified (F190) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Chemistry categories. To be used sparingly. Chemistry