Computer science (I1)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Computer science (I100) The study of the design and application of electronic computer systems, including computer architectures, software and systems design. Computer Science
Computer architectures & operating systems (I110) The study of the systemic structure of computer systems and the associated software which facilitates the efficient co-ordination and use of the component units. Computer Science
Computer architectures (I111) The study of the systemic structure of computer systems. Computer Science
Operating systems (I112) The study of software which is designed to facilitate the efficient co-ordination and use of system components. Computer Science
Displays & imaging (I113) The study of the software, hardware and mathematical tools used to represent, display and manipulate computer graphics. Computer Science
High end computing (I114) The study of high-performance computing using supercomputers and clusters to solve advanced computational problems. Computer Science
Parallel computing (I115) The study of simultaneous calculations for complex computations. Computer Science
Networks & communications (I120) The study of computer network systems and computer communications techniques/protocols. Computer Science
Computational science foundations (I130) The study of the fundamental laws or principles underpinning the design, construction and use of computer systems. Computer Science
Human-computer interaction (I140) The study, design and application of principles and techniques aimed at optimising the interaction between computer systems and their human users. Computer Science
Multimedia computing science (I150) The area of computer science concerned with the computer controlled delivery of information in a variety of forms, including text, pictures, video, graphics and animation. Often associated with information presentation on the Internet. Computer Science
Internet (I160) The study of internet-related computing including Cloud Computing. Computer Science
e-business (I161) The study of the nature of e-business, its system components and applications. Computer Science
Computer science not elsewhere classified (I190) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Computer science categories. To be used sparingly. Computer Science