Dance (W5)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Dance (W500) The study of and/or training in the movement of the body, particularly in time to music. May include some study of/training in music and/or drama. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Choreography (W510) The study of/training in the arrangement and planning of staged dance. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Body awareness (W520) The study of the human body in relation to its capabilities in generating artistic forms in dance. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
History of dance (W530) The study of the development of dance in societies and cultures. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Dance & culture (W531) The study of dance through the performance of one or more of the dance disciplines, including but not limited to ballet, modern, jazz and folk dance, with focus on the study and analysis of dance as a cultural phenomenon. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Community dance (W532) The preparation of individuals to express ideas and feelings through the performance of one or more of the dance disciplines to support, develop and initiate dance activities within communities. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Types of dance (W540) The study of/training in the specific styles and genres of dance. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Ballet (W541) The study of ballet dance technique, including pointe, pas de deux, choreography, solo and repertory work as well as conventional academic methodology and skills. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Dance theatre (W542) The study of dance technical skills, dance production and criticism and creative skills needed to develop versatility, individuality and creativity as articulate dance theatre makers and scholars. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Contemporary dance (W543) The study of technical, creative and professional elements of contemporary dance informed by contextual and theoretical study. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Jazz dance (W544) The study of jazz solo and ensemble dance, jazz choreography and technique, and interpretations of specific styles. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Dance performance (W550) The study of the advancement of creative dance performance, including the technical and artistic complexities inherent in performance. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Dance not elsewhere classified (W590) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Dance categories. To be used sparingly. Drama, Dance & Cinematics