Medical technology (B8)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Medical technology (B800) The study of the use and development of medical equipment and its potential, including that used in radiography. Also involves understanding the effects of the various forms of radiation used to display and treat damage or illness. fl.CugSubject
Cardiography (B810) The study of techniques aimed at diagnosing disorders of the human cardiovascular system. fl.CugSubject
Radiology (B820) The study of the principles and techniques in the use of radiation to provide diagnostic information and therapy in medicine. fl.CugSubject
Radiography, diagnostic (B821) The study of the principles and techniques in the use of radiation to provide medical diagnostic information. fl.CugSubject
Radiography, therapeutic (B822) The study of the treatment of human diseases by means of controlled exposure to forms of radiation. fl.CugSubject
Biomechanics & prosthetics (non-clinical) (B830) The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement and structure of the human body. fl.CugSubject
Dental technology (B840) The study of the design and fabrication of dental prosthetics and restorative appliances. fl.CugSubject
Mortuary technology (B850) The study of the techniques/processes and equipment relating to the storage of deceased human beings. fl.CugSubject
Medical technology not elsewhere classified (B890) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into other Medical Technology categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject