Forestry & arboriculture (D5)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Forestry & arboriculture (D500) The study of planting and caring for trees and the management of woods and forests for conservation purposes, commercial exploitation and recreational use. fl.CugSubject
Trees & shrubs (D510) The study of the most efficient way to grow hardwood and softwood trees for harvesting. fl.CugSubject
Forestry pests & diseases (D511) The study of diseases in commercially-grown hardwood and softwood trees and the animals and insects which attack them, with the object of preventing such disease or attack. fl.CugSubject
Tree physiology (D512) The study of hardwood and softwood tree structure and how it is affected by disease. Studies include dissection and use of microscope slides. Also includes study at cellular level. fl.CugSubject
Tree nutrition (D513) The study of the process of assimilating nutrient materials into tree tissue with the aim of understanding and providing the correct balance. fl.CugSubject
Tree protection (D514) The particular study of the development of immunities in trees. Also includes the study of artificial barriers, preventative measures or exterminators for the animals/insects which attack them. fl.CugSubject
Tree production (D515) The study of growing and harvesting trees and the relationship of such tree production to its environment. fl.CugSubject
Timber production (D516) The study of hardwood and softwood timber products. May include the different uses of wood products. May also include the suitability of certain trees for certain uses. fl.CugSubject
Community forestry (D517) The study of forestry used for recreation. Includes study of formal and informal recreational uses, erosion and damage to habitat from over or inappropriate use, and the techniques to prevent, cure and minimise such damage. fl.CugSubject
International forestry (D520) The study of the science or occupation of cultivating trees as a crop in various parts of the world. fl.CugSubject
Organic forestry (D530) The study of forestry processes conducted without the use of artificial chemicals in the form of fertilisers or pesticides. fl.CugSubject
Forestry technology (D540) The study of practical or mechanical sciences connected with forestry as they apply to increased efficiency, economy and crop production. fl.CugSubject
Forestry irrigation & drainage (D541) The study of the control of water and prevention of erosion by means of good planting, mechanical pumps etc. fl.CugSubject
Forestry not elsewhere classified (D590) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Forestry categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject