Physics (F3)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Physics (F300) The study of the properties of matter and energy and the relationships between them, making extensive use of mathematical techniques and models. May include mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism and acoustics. May also include atomic, nuclear, particle and solid state studies. fl.CugSubject
Applied physics (F310) Topics in physics of commercial or social importance. fl.CugSubject
Engineering physics (F311) Physical principles and techniques applied to engineering and technology. fl.CugSubject
Chemical physics (F320) Concerned with central area of physical science, integrating chemistry and physics. fl.CugSubject
Solid-state physics (F321) Study of the structure of solids and the explanation of their properties. fl.CugSubject
Environmental physics (F330) Aspects of physics concerned with environmental issues. fl.CugSubject
Atmospheric physics (F331) The study of the Earth's stratosphere, troposphere and upper atmosphere including atmospheric kinetics and water in the atmosphere. fl.CugSubject
Marine physics (F332) The study of the physical properties of the marine environment. fl.CugSubject
Mathematical & theoretical physics (F340) The mathematical principles and techniques of physics theory and explanation of physical phenomena. fl.CugSubject
Electromagnetism (F341) The study of the interaction of charges in electromagnetic fields. fl.CugSubject
Quantum mechanics (F342) Description and analysis of sub-atomic behaviour. fl.CugSubject
Computational physics (F343) Numerical and quantitative methods in physics. fl.CugSubject
Medical physics (F350) The application of Physics to the medical sciences. fl.CugSubject
Radiation physics (F351) Monitoring and evaluation of emissions from sources of radiation. fl.CugSubject
Optical physics (F360) The study of optics as a natural phenomenon and optical instrumentation. fl.CugSubject
Laser physics (F361) The study of lasers as optical instrumentation. fl.CugSubject
Nuclear & particle physics (F370) The study of matter at atomic and sub-atomic level, and of the structure and behaviour of nuclei. fl.CugSubject
Acoustics (F380) The study of the propagation and transmission of sound waves. fl.CugSubject
Physics not elsewhere classified (F390) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Physics categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject