Astronomy (F5)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Astronomy (F500) The specifically scientific study of celestial bodies. Includes mathematics, statistics, physics, photography and computing. fl.CugSubject
Astrophysics (F510) The study of the physical nature of the universe including cosmology and astronomical techniques. fl.CugSubject
Space & planetary sciences (F520) The study of the solar system and evaluation of physical measurements from space. fl.CugSubject
Space science (F521) The physical science study of space beyond the solar system. fl.CugSubject
Planetary science (F522) The study of the physical science of the solar system including the measurement of the Earth and its gravitational field. fl.CugSubject
Solar & solar terrestrial physics (F530) The study of the sun and the interaction of the sun with the Earth. fl.CugSubject
Astronomy observation (F540) The study of astronomy utilising observational techniques to undertake research. fl.CugSubject
Astronomy theory (F550) The study of the theoretical aspects of astronomy. fl.CugSubject
Astronomy not elsewhere classified (F590) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Astronomy categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject