Health informatics (I5)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Health informatics (I500) The study and design of systems for information capture, processing and use in healthcare. fl.CugSubject
Health technologies (I510) The study of health technology methods used to promote health, prevent and treat disease and improve rehabilitation or long-term care. fl.CugSubject
Bioinformatics (I520) The study of the application of computer-based technologies and services to biological, biomedical, and biotechnology research. fl.CugSubject
Tele healthcare (I530) The study of tele healthcare technology to enable a flexible, integrated approach to health and social care services. fl.CugSubject
Health informatics not elsewhere classified (I590) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Health Informatics categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject