Building (K2)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Building (K200) The study of building materials and techniques. Includes building and environment law and economics, architectural engineering and quantity surveying. fl.CugSubject
Building technology (K210) The understanding of building design and its relationship with production. fl.CugSubject
Construction management (K220) The implementation of construction projects to the client's specification from inception to completion. fl.CugSubject
Building surveying (K230) The analysis of a building's performance from design and construction, through to maintenance and repair. fl.CugSubject
Quantity surveying (K240) The financial management of project design and construction, whether for client or contractor. fl.CugSubject
Conservation of buildings (K250) The repair, restoration and preservation of old or damaged and/or culturally significant buildings including conservation technology. fl.CugSubject
Property development (K251) The practical and theoretical study of property that is to be improved or altered in some way from its original purpose, or to be modernised or expanded within its current purpose. fl.CugSubject
Building not elsewhere classified (K290) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Building categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject