History by topic (V3)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
History by topic (V300) The study of recording, interpreting and comparing developments of particular skills, artefacts, cultures or other areas of interest. fl.CugSubject
Economic history (V310) Study of the growth and development of economies in history. May include the study of industrialisation. fl.CugSubject
Social history (V320) The interpretation of the underlying processes of change in society. Includes the study of the growth and development of societies in history. fl.CugSubject
Local history (V321) Social historical study of a particular locality such as a town or village. fl.CugSubject
Oral history (V322) The study of spoken records as historical evidence. fl.CugSubject
Family history (V323) Genealogical study of family or personal descent. fl.CugSubject
Crime history (V324) Historical studies of the development of criminal justice theories and social responses to crime. fl.CugSubject
History of religions (V330) Historical study of religious movements and their interaction with other cultures. fl.CugSubject
Intellectual history (V340) The history of ideas and the study of intellectual movements. fl.CugSubject
History of art (V350) Historical study of developments in the arts and consideration of art history methods and techniques. Includes the enhancement of visual awareness and expertise as an aspect of cultural history. fl.CugSubject
History of architecture (V360) Historical study of building design and architectural movements. fl.CugSubject
History of design (V370) Historical study of design styles and movements. fl.CugSubject
History of science (V380) Investigation of the historical development of the sciences in their economic and cultural context. Includes the influence of non-scientific factors and the impact of science on society. fl.CugSubject
History of physics (V381) Historical studies of natural philosophy and the physical sciences. fl.CugSubject
History of chemistry (V382) Historical studies of the chemical sciences. fl.CugSubject
History of mathematics (V383) Historical studies of the mathematical sciences. fl.CugSubject
History of medicine (V384) Historical studies of medical sciences and practices. fl.CugSubject
History by topic not elsewhere classified (V390) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the others in History by Topic categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject
Military history (V391) Historical studies of the development of armed forces and their deployment in warfare. fl.CugSubject