Heritage studies (V7)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Heritage studies (V700) The study of objects, practices, traditions and social and cultural movements that form or influence collections. To include intangible heritage, and areas distinct from history and or geography. fl.CugSubject
Heritage theory (V710) The study of the theory behind heritage education and management, and conservation and preservation practices. fl.CugSubject
Heritage site management (V720) The study of the management of existing and newly designated sites of heritage importance, including working with heritage organisations, legal consultants, the voluntary sector, governments and international bodies. fl.CugSubject
Natural heritage (V730) The study of areas of natural heritage including local, national and international sites, how they have developed and how they are protected. fl.CugSubject
Coastal heritage management (V731) The study of the particular aspects of coastal heritage within the wider natural heritage context, including leisure and tourism, industry, communities and landscape. fl.CugSubject
Visitor management including interpretation (V740) The study of the management of visitors, individually or in groups, to heritage sites. To include the movement of visitors, branding and site identity and site interpretation. fl.CugSubject
Oral history, heritage & genealogy (V750) The study of the preservation, conservation, and communication of oral heritage including children’s and adult heritage traditions. To include the study of family history and heritage, including heritage sites associated with specific families for more than two generations or with particular group cultures. fl.CugSubject