Drama (W4)

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HESA Subject Description CUG Subject
Drama (W400) The study of and/or training in acting and stagecraft. May include the study of theatre management and the supervision and production of scenery, costume, lighting etc. fl.CugSubject
Acting (W410) The study of/training in the communication of dramatic information, ideas, moods, and feelings through the achievement of naturalistic and believable behaviour in imaginary circumstances. fl.CugSubject
Directing for theatre (W420) The study of/training in the supervision and direction of dramatic performances. fl.CugSubject
Producing for theatre (W430) The study of/training in the techniques and principals involved in the production of theatrical performances other than acting and directing. fl.CugSubject
Theatre studies (W440) The study of the technical aspects of theatrical performances. fl.CugSubject
Theatre & professional practice (W441) The preparation of individuals to apply business management principles to the management of theatres and production corporations. fl.CugSubject
Contemporary theatre (W442) The preparation of individuals to manage the planning, design, preparation and production of plays and other theatrical entertainment programmes. fl.CugSubject
Technical arts & special effects for theatre (W443) The preparation of individuals to apply special effects and techniques to the communication of dramatic information through technical theatre methods. fl.CugSubject
Stage management (W450) The study of the management of lighting, props, scenery and other technical items associated with theatrical performances and management of the stage. fl.CugSubject
Theatrical wardrobe design (W451) The study of/training in the design of costumes for theatrical performances. fl.CugSubject
Theatrical make-up (W452) The study of/training in the application of make-up and/or face and body paints for theatrical performances. fl.CugSubject
Technical stage management (W453) The preparation of individuals for technical stage management, including set design, lighting design, theatre acoustics and technical direction. fl.CugSubject
Theatre design (W460) The study of the design of theatres and theatre productions. fl.CugSubject
Stage design (W461) The study of the design of sets and scenery for use in theatres, film and television. fl.CugSubject
Performance & live arts (W470) The study of dramatic works and their performance. Includes instruction in dramatic styles and types and the principles of organising live productions. fl.CugSubject
European/world theatre arts (W471) The study of overseas theatre arts, emphasising outward-looking innovative practices that are responsive to international needs. fl.CugSubject
Circus arts (W472) The study of the range of circus art skills to gain a high level of expertise and performing ability in a particular circus discipline such as trapeze, tightrope or juggling. fl.CugSubject
Community theatre (W473) The study of theatre performance and practice focusing on community and education developed through projects with people in the local community. fl.CugSubject
Drama not elsewhere classified (W490) Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit into the other Drama categories. To be used sparingly. fl.CugSubject