Arts, Drama & Music League Tables 2017

The Arts, Drama & Music League Table – rankings of the specialist colleges and conservatoires that do not appear in the main University League Table. You can order the table on the measures important to you, and find out more about each college and conservatoire by reading their profile.

Some of these institutions also feature in the following subject tables: History of Art, Architecture & Design – Drama, Dance & Cinematics – and Music. Note that other institutions also offer courses in arts, drama and music. You can find them in the relevant subject tables and on the main University League Tables.

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This Arts, Music & Drama League Table is free-standing and cannot be conflated with the main University League Table. The use of z-scores and subject mix make the two tables discrete and incompatible (even though they share a methodology).


The maximum scores for the measures shown are as follows:

  • Entry Standards: No maximum
  • Student Satisfaction: 5.00
  • Research Quality: 4.00
  • Graduate Prospects: 100.0
  • Overall Score: 1000

All measures used to compile the tables are available on the full table.