University Subject Tables 2008

With most medical schools in the UK offering Graduate Prospects of 100% or thereabouts, Medicine students can generally look forward to a guaranteed job in one of the most respected professions around. However, with degrees usually taking up to five or six years, and a few more years of additional training required after graduation, this subject is not for the faint-hearted. If you're up to the challenge, use our Medicine subject table to find the best universities offering the subject.

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Medicine — 1994 Group

Rank University Name Next Steps


The maximum scores for the measures shown are as follows:

  • Entry Standards: No maximum
  • Research: Clin Lab: 5*
  • Research: Community: 5*
  • Research: Hospital: 5*
  • Research: Pre-Clin: 5*
  • Graduate Prospects: 100
  • Overall Score: 100.0