University of Leicester

Why study here

Over 300 courses

Whatever you’re passionate about, chances are you’ll find a course that interests you. The University of Leicester’s degrees come in all shapes and sizes – single, joint, major, and minor.

Great careers

Life after university starts from the moment you arrive. Studies aside, Leicester’s careers services can guide you through interviews, help out with CVs and applications, and so much more, even after you graduate.

Cheaper living costs

Compared to many cities in the UK and abroad, Leicester’s living costs are quite low. In fact, it’s consistently rated one of the most affordable places in the UK.

Top tips for Clearing

Stay calm

Keep a cool, clear mind and don't rush your decision. Clearing and Adjustment is an opportunity to help you find a place to study that's right for you. If possible, get help from the people around you

Do your research

Look into the various universities and institutions that you're interested in and make a shortlist. Think about where you want to study, what kind of benefits it offers, and how well the course will prepare you for your future career.

Call the university

Leicester have a lot to offer. If you are interested, check available courses and call the university’s Clearing hotline to talk to one of the friendly advisers.


Leicester can offer you a guaranteed place in university-allocated accommodation if you accept an offer of a place and apply for accommodation before 1 September 2018. Find out more by visiting Leicester’s accommodation website.

Clearing success story

Dilan, Biological Sciences

“If you find yourself having to go through Clearing, the best thing to do is not to panic – so many universities still have places available, you just have to ask. I knew Clearing was a possibility as I had applied to study Medicine, and so I had viewed Leicester's Clearing website in advance.

“The person I spoke to on the phone was so nice and I found the late applicant open day to be really reassuring; I got such a good feeling when I saw the campus, the university has a really good, friendly vibe. I was so excited about attending that I applied for the accommodation in the car on my way home.

“My time here has been really good so far. I don’t regret my decision as I really enjoy my course and I wouldn’t change a thing. This year I’m going to be answering calls on the Clearing hotline. I’m looking forward to helping other students in the same situation that I was in.”