Quick Guides to Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Bursaries and Scholarships

The university awards a number of bursaries and scholarships; all scholarships have a selection process and students must complete an application form to be considered. Please refer to the university website details. In 2019, awards include:
  • Bursaries of £500 per year for undergraduate students from families with household incomes of £25,000 or under, who are paying full tuition fees for their course. Awarded automatically to eligible students.
  • A number of scholarships reward academic excellence. The Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship (five available): £10,000 per year for academically gifted students who have achieved a level of excellence in other areas to set them apart from their peers. The Bert Massey Scholarship: £10,000 per year awarded to an academically gifted, disabled student who has championed inclusion and/or disability rights. The Academic Excellence Scholarships (100 available): £1,000 per year for students achieving a minimum 144 UCAS points in three subjects at A2 or equivalent.
  • Other scholarships include Community Excellence Scholarships, for students achieving excellence within the arts, sports, citizenship, or volunteering; the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral music scholarships; and John Lennon Imagine awards for students coming to university from care or who are estranged from their families.