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What's it really like to study for an MBA?

Our readers take you through the process, from applying all the way to where it'll get you

On an MBA Course

Erol Ozenbas - Imperial Andrea Solana - Imperial Inna Semenyuk 2 - Imperial
Read about how Erol plans to use 
an MBA to open up doors
See how Andrea's MBA is improving her entrepreneurial skills Inna feels an MBA is helping her to
establish her career aspirations
 Adrian Walker - Imperial Grant Williams - Imperial  Graham - Durham
Adrian hopes an MBA will broaden
his managerial education
Grant believes an MBA will make him a confident decision maker Graham feels that an MBA will help with the transition to civvy life

After the MBA Course

 Mark Leary - Imperial Alumni  Tamar Ghosh - Imperial Alumni  Emily Brydon - Imperial Alumni
Mark often puts skills learnt on his MBA course into practice Tamar used the skills learnt on the MBA to setup a social enterprise  Emily's MBA gave her the platform from which to change her career
Bruce Hellman - Imperial Alumni  Raimundo - Oxford Brookes  
Bruce's MBA course prepared him to run his own company Raimundo often uses the networks he gained on his MBA course  


Completing an Executive MBA has proved 'indispensable' for Matt Smith’s career and his employer

Studying for an Executive MBA helped Helen Gibson to turn her early promise into a first-class business career "Every day I apply learning from the Hull Executive MBA to my business life." says Rory Clarke