Adrian Walker - Imperial

On an MBA Course

Adrian is currently enrolled on the full-time MBA programme at Imperial College Business SchoolHe studied for a BSc Major in Banking and Finance in Switzerland and went on to work in auditing. He's studying for an MBA so that he can broaden his managerial education and establish wider networks.  

What have you been doing since graduating?

  • I've got six years of work experience in auditing and consulting.

Why did you decide to study for an MBA?

  • In order to become a more globally aware strategy consultant with an entrepreneurial focus in an international environment. I wish to broaden my managerial education and establish a wider network of business contacts beyond the field of audit.

Why did you choose Imperial?

  • I wanted to study in London in order to be part of the fantastic business scene here, which is second to none. Furthermore, Imperial College offers a competitive brand, a fantastic network in the business world and an outstanding careers department which provides personal coaches to all MBA students.

What did you write about in your admissions essay?

  • I wrote about my goals and aspirations and why I chose Imperial College Business School. 

Do you have any advice for people struggling to write their essay?

  • Sit back and think about what your current situation is, what you want to change about that situation and why, and be sure to know exactly what you want to put in and get out of an MBA programme. If you can address all these topics that is a great start for writing your essay.

What are your family’s and friend’s opinions on you embarking on such a challenging programme?

  • I am supported very well by my family and friends as they all understand my goals for the future.

Are you enjoying the programme and why?

  • Yes, it gives me the opportunity to train and learn about areas such as strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing and managing people. These are areas I have not previously worked on a lot. The programme is taking me out of my comfort zone and I can already see the benefits.

Do you feel that the programme will meet your career requirements?

  • The School offers an excellent careers consultant programme. I am working on my personal growth goals with an individual coach – this should ensure that my career requirements and aspirations are analysed, re-assessed on a regular basis and ideally met at the end of the MBA programme.

How much flexibility do you have to specialise?

  • The School offers a wide range of electives. Hence, I get to choose subjects I am interested in and can thus specialise further.

How many hours outside of class are you putting in?

  • 15 hours a week.

How is your work/life balance and do you have much time to socialise outside of class, whether with fellow students, friends or family?

  • It's good, I meet friends on a regular basis at social events and I enjoy tennis classes as well as gym sessions.

Are the school and staff well connected in the business world?

  • Yes, the School offers a great alumni network and fosters the relationship between alumni and current students.

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