Andrea Solana - Imperial

On an MBA Course

Andrea is currently enrolled on the full-time MBA programme at Imperial College Business School. She graduated with a BSc in Commerce eight years ago and has been working as a financial advisor. She's still refining her career goals but believes an MBA will help her achieve them.

What have you been doing since graduating?

  • Since graduating eight years ago, I have been working for a boutique global financial services firm in Washington DC (USA) providing financial advisory services to US individuals living abroad and foreign nationals living in the US who have multi‐jurisdictional financial interests.

Why did you decide to study for an MBA?

  • I decided to pursue my MBA to develop my entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Imperial’s programme, with a unique focus on innovation management, entrepreneurship and design, provides exactly what I was looking for.

Are you enjoying the programme and why?

  • I am thoroughly enjoying the programme thus far. The classroom is intellectually stimulating, the cohort is a great mix of very smart, diverse and fun individuals, and London provides a great backdrop for some fun outside of the classroom.

How much flexibility do you have to specialise?

  • There is suitable flexibility to specialise. In addition to the core set of courses on the programme, the school provides over 20 elective options of which you must choose five. You also have the opportunity to sit in on an additional two electives if there are additional choices that are desirable.

Do you feel the programme will equip you with the skills to apply your business knowledge in the
global environment?

  • Yes, I do. The cohort is extremely diverse and the staff hail from all over the world. Each course is taught with a global perspective and the programme includes a compulsory Global Exposure Week course where you travel to a developing country to study local business.

How many hours outside of class are you putting in?

  • Outside of class, I am putting in approximately 45 hours per week (including networking and career strategy).

How is your work/life balance?

  • The programme is intense and requires a lot of time but there is ample time to spend with fellow students, friends and family outside of class. Much of your study time is at your discretion in terms of timing, so you have flexibility to do fun things and relax which is important to de‐stress. I try to leave Friday night and Saturday as entirely free days to schedule something fun with friends and there are also various socials scheduled throughout the term with fellow students.

Are the school and staff well connected in the business world?

  • The staff are some of the most renowned in the world. Each of them are quite well known for their research and connections in the business world through prior or current work.

Do you think the fees will prove worth it? Are you getting any financial help?

  • Yes, I believe that I will get a nice return on investment related to the programme fees. I was awarded a partial scholarship by the school and am funding the remaining part of my fees through savings.

Do you feel that the programme will meet your career requirements? If so, how?

  • Yes, I believe that the programme will meet my career requirements. The Personal Leadership Journey provides a great opportunity for reflection and individual areas of development. Additionally, my career consultant is helping me to refine my career goals and create an action plan for the job search process.

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