After the MBA Course

Emily Brydon - Imperial Alumni

Emily studied the full-time MBA course at Imperial College Business School. She's now a Marketing Manager and uses the skills learnt on the MBA every day.

What are you doing now?

  • I'm a Marketing Manager. I am currently supporting a number of product launches through various work streams such as building the business case, managing agencies and supporting business entry strategies across Europe and Asia.

How long ago did you take your MBA?

  •  I graduated in the autumn of 2012.

How has it helped you get to where you are now? 

  • The MBA was instrumental in providing me a platform from which to build a strong corporate base and support a massive career change. The MBA gave me real-life experience in developing a business plan, writing an academic paper on social corporate bonds and gaining a wide breadth of knowledge in real-life business examples and practices.

To what extent do you use the skills and knowledge you learnt on your MBA?

  • I use the skills I learnt on the MBA every day in my corporate job but not only can I apply the tangible lessons and skills I learned but also the intangibles such as cultural and industrial nuances.

What advice would you give someone considering pursuing an MBA?

  • If you have a desire to learn and develop your knowledge and challenge yourself in new ways both academically and socially then an MBA is right for you. An MBA is also a great platform from which to launch either a career change or make a big step forward in your existing career.

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