On an MBA Course

Graham - Durham

Graham is currently enrolled on the full-time MBA at Durham University Business School. After graduating with a BA in history seven years ago, Graham went on to join the army. Now out of the army, Graham believes gaining an MBA will facilitate his transition in to civilian life.  

What have you been doing since graduating from your Bachelors degree?

  • I've served for seven years in the British Army.

Why did you decide to study for an MBA? 

  • To facilitate my transition in to civilian life and gain practical knowledge, experience and contacts in the world of business.

Are you enjoying the programme and why?

  • Very much so. The learning curve is steep but manageable and there is a good mix of theory with practical case studies. The programme is very well structured and progressive, meaning that I have not felt that my non-business background has held me back in any way.

How much flexibility do you have to specialise? 

  • There is considerable freedom in the choice of the elective modules after the first term.

How many hours outside of class are you putting in? 

  • I usually spend two to three hours a night during the week, and around eight at the weekend.

How is your work/life balance?

  • My wife is in Kent which has been a challenge but a manageable one. We generally see each other every other weekend.

Are the school and staff well connected in the business world? 

  • Yes, the school has a well developed alumni network that has many links in to industry.

Are you getting any financial help?

  • Durham University Business School have generously awarded me a scholarship which has enabled me to afford the programme.  

Do you feel that the programme will meet your career requirements?

  • Yes, the School’s Leading Edge career development programme provides fantastic support such as improving CVs and interview techniques. 

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