After the MBA Course

Completing an Executive MBA has proved 'indispensable' for Matt's career and his employer.  

  • "While studying for my Executive MBA I was a bank manager in Hull – now I'm looking after all of the UK". Matt is the Head of Marine and Transport Sector of a bank, and studied for an Executive MBA at the University of Hull.

As head of the combined Marine and Transport sector of a bank, he is responsible for helping the bank to support businesses around the UK in the road, marine, aviation, rail and distribution sectors.

"Launching a new marine business under the wider transport business required writing an in-depth business plan, which incorporated many of the skills I learned," said Matt, who was a branch manager in Hull while studying for his Hull Executive MBA.

"It was not just the business plan itself, and fundamental skill sets including marketing, operational risk and industry analysis, but the business theories such as positioning and managing the appetite for risk and how to monitor that risk."

  • He was particularly impressed by two sections of the MBA: its systems theory and consultancy approaches.

"The systems element of the course looked at issues as part of a wider business challenge, not just the issues in isolation, which I have found extremely useful. The consultancy element allowed me to address real-life challenges within a part of our business with which I was unfamiliar."

  • He found other features of the course useful, including the relatively short length of the course itself.

"Without the MBA I simply wouldn’t have been able to take up the UK-wide role I now have. It was indispensable, giving me a depth and range of business skills and a number of proven frameworks with which to tackle business issues."

  • His new national level responsibility requires Matt to provide strategic support to relationship managers about the new marine and transport business, including joining customer meetings.
  • He sees the MBA, which he completed in 2012, as fundamental to his career and that of the banking businesses he works for.

"It has enabled me to move from local responsibilities to a far more wide ranging national role. That would not have been possible before completing the Hull Executive MBA."