After the MBA Course

Raimundo - Oxford Brookes

Raimundo studied for an MBA at Oxford Brookes. He is now the managing director of a social media consultancy and an augmented reality company. He credits his ability to take holistic approach to business to the MBA.   

What are your job title, role and responsibilities?

  • I am now managing director and owner of a social media consultancy, and one of the leading augmented reality companies in Europe.

How long ago did you take your MBA?

  •  Two years ago now. 

How has it helped you get to where you are now?

  • My MBA has given me a 360-degree perspective – it has helped me take a much more holistic view, focusing on issues like strategy process, operations and human resources. As an entrepreneur I have developed technology companies. I am now managing director and another of my roles is as a strategic technology adviser to the Government of Gibraltar, providing consultancy on new business start-ups and developing products to deliver public services online.

To what extent do you use the skills and knowledge you learnt on your MBA?

  • My experience has been great on the MBA and I now understand business in a more holistic way. It has helped me to lead teams and manage people. The whole module on leadership and the practical experience was really interesting for me and something I can leverage as I now manage teams of more than 45 people.
  • The professors are really accessible and open to new projects and I have been able to leverage my networks from the MBA on technology consultancy projects.

What advice would you give someone considering pursuing an MBA?

  • When you study an MBA you work with professionals and there is a synergy. Doing business is about collaborating and getting people on board and the MBA Community at Oxford Brookes has been tremendously helpful in doing this. 

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