Tamar Ghosh - Imperial Alumni

After the MBA Course

Tamar did a Weekend Executive MBA at Imperial College Business School. Skills learnt on the MBA course have allowed her to successfully launch her own company. 

What are your job title, role and responsibilities?

  • I'm now Campaign Director of a charitable campaign aimed at increasing giving to charities and communities. My role involves developing and delivering the campaign across the UK – developing a strategy and operational plan, managing the team and external agencies, managing all day to day activity, chairing a steering committee and being the spokesperson for the campaign.
  • I'm also the co-founder and CEO of a social enterprise aiming to provide a supply route to the UK market for an award-winning eyecare hospital and manufacturer in India, and disrupt the NHS supply chain, providing cost savings to further invest in UK healthcare.

How long ago did you take your MBA?

  • I graduated in 2012.

How has it helped you get to where you are now? 

  • The MBA was essential to me being able to launch my social enterprise, as it was developed whilst on the programme. The team was developed through working with incredibly skilled peers in my cohort, that I had identified for their experience and interest in the concept.
  • The MBA helped me develop the skills to scope a business idea, and what steps to take to understand whether it was a workable business model or not. These skills are useful in my desire to move from the charity sector to the social enterprise world. I found the MBA invaluable in giving me the skills and confidence to make this move. As an additional extra it provided me with an amazing network and some incredible friends.

To what extent do you use the skills and knowledge you learnt on your MBA?

  • As above I used the skills and knowledge to get my social enterprise underway, and to make the move to CEO level and to move industries forward.

What advice would you give someone considering pursuing an MBA?

  • It will be the most incredible experience you can have and well worth the investment of time and money if you want to change your direction or move upwards quickly. It is not an easy course to take on, but that makes it all the more of an achievement on graduation day.

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