MBA Courses Around the World

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Have you considered an MBA at an international business school?

  • MBA programmes at international business schools attract students from many different countries, offering a multi-cultural learning and business environment.
  • Studying overseas broadens your outlook and perspectives, and encourages self-reliance, discipline and confidence – all highly regarded by potential employers.
  • Many MBA programmes are taught in English, but you'll have the opportunity to learn, practice and improve your foreign language skills.
  • You'll gain familiarity with local business practices, particularly important in, say, Asia, where customs can differ widely from Europe and the US.
  • Most business schools have well-developed relationships with local industry and commerce. Research your chosen career, and it's main global centres, and you'll have the opportunity to start building useful networks of business contacts in the areas that interest you.
  • Want to work for a large international corporation? An MBA from a business school overseas may give you (and your CV) a boost.

Where do you want to study?

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