Top 5 MBA courses in the UK

The Financial Times produces a global MBA ranking every year, giving prospective students an invaluable guide to which business schools will provide the greatest return on investment. Rankings are produced according to career progression of alumni, diversity of cohort, the quality of faculty, and much more.

Needless to say the UK fares pretty well in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2018, with 14 of its business schools making an appearance in the top 100.

Here’s a countdown of the UK’s top 5 universities for an MBA, complete with key statistics*:

*Key statistics include: Salary Increase – average % difference in alumni salary from before MBA to now; Employed at 3 months – % of most recent graduating class who had found employment within 3 months of completion; International Students – % of cohort whose nationality differs from the country in which they are studying.

"Cambridge Judge Business School" © Chris Boland, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

2. Cambridge Judge Business School – University of Cambridge

FT Global MBA Ranking 2018: 13

Judge’s full-time MBA programme is another 1-year intensive course, aimed at highly motivated and ambitious individuals, who have a global outlook. The programme is highly practical, offering its students opportunities to take part in live consulting projects, participate in leadership sessions and tailor their MBA according to the sector they wish to work in.

Salary Increase: 100%    Employed at 3 months: 89%      International Students: 94%

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