New College of the Humanities

  • Unique, liberal arts-inspired undergraduate programmes in the heart of London.
  • A world-class academic institution leading the way in higher education.

Entry Requirements

  • As a general guide, most of our students obtain between AAA and AAB at A-level, 38 to 34 points in the IB, or international equivalents. However, we do not make strict rules about this, and the individual merits and potential of applicants are more important to us than grades.
  • Please note that you must have satisfactory grades in A-level Mathematics, Higher or Standard Level Mathematics in the IB, or an international equivalent in order to study the Economics major.
  • Admissions tutors at NCH understand that a one-off performance in an exam is not always an accurate indicator of a candidate’s true potential. That is why we don’t just look at exam grades. Instead, we prefer to look at you as an individual and at your potential to thrive at the College.
  • We place utmost importance on interviewing all promising candidates, which offers an opportunity for us to find out more about you, as well as for you to find out more about us. The interview is not designed to be a test of what you know but, rather, how you think – and most candidates thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Undergraduate Courses

Type of Qualification:

Mode of study:

Course Flexibility

  • NCH offers a unique liberal arts-inspired undergraduate curriculum taught to small classes and through the one-to-one tutorials combined with exceptional professional development provisions.
  • At NCH, you choose a combined honours degree comprising a major subject and a complementary minor subject alongside it. All undergraduates at NCH combine their degree studies with the College’s unique diploma, which is designed to give you the insights that will enable you to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life.
  • All undergraduates supplement their degree studies with the enriching NCH Diploma, which provides the insights required to lead a rewarding life, and offers exceptional professional development provisions.

Student Services and Facilities

  • Most of your lectures, seminars and weekly one-to-one and small group tutorials will take place in The Registry.
  • Each major and minor has a dedicated room in The Registry in which you will find key texts related to that discipline and its courses. There are many quiet rooms throughout The Registry, which are available for tutorials and, when not being used for teaching, for private study.
  • There are three main lecture rooms at The Registry. The Russell Room on the lower ground floor seats up to 25 and The Conservatory on the ground floor seats up to 30. The Drawing Room on the first floor, with a capacity of 90, is used for larger College events including Convocation, Professorial Lectures and Open Days.
  • The two-storey Mews to the rear of The Registry is the social hub for our students. The first floor of the Mews houses the Junior Common Room (JCR) where you can hang out, watch TV, eat lunch or finish an assignment. It is also the venue for student bar nights, film nights and parties.
  • On the ground floor of the Mews you’ll find the student kitchenette, complete with a kettle, a fridge, a microwave and a dishwasher, as well assorted crockery. The College provides tea, coffee, milk and sugar for students.
  • The ground floor is also home to The Study, a quiet space specifically kitted out for students to work in as an alternative to the library.
  • Opposite The Registry is the tranquil and beautiful Bedford Square Garden, the first garden square with an imposed architectural uniformity, which sets the style for garden squares across London.
  • The College holds keys to this private garden to provide students and staff with the opportunity to revel in this Grade II listed haven of greenery with lawns, perimeter shrubbery, plane trees and winding pathways.

Disability Services

  • If you are disabled or have a special learning difficulty, the College will always try to ensure that your requirements are met in a way that suits you best. Under the Equality Act, colleges and universities have to make 'reasonable adjustments' so that disabled students are not 'substantially disadvantaged'. This means NCH has to put in place support to help you access the course and successfully complete your studies. 
  • Where a disabled applicant or student would otherwise use a facility located in the Registry (NCH’s main administrative headquarters), but is unable to do so by reason of his or her disability, for example for an interview or tutorials, the College will arrange alternative accessible and/or adapted accommodation in nearby buildings.

The types of provisions and arrangements that might be made include:

  • flexibility regarding attendance and coursework deadlines (e.g time off for appointments)
  • specialist equipment and/or software
  • copies of handouts in advance of your lectures
  • providing handouts on different coloured paper or in a larger font

Please note that this list is not exhaustive so additional adjustments could be made, based on your particular circumstances.

Students' Union

  • The NCH Student Union (NCHSU) is a student-led organisation at the heart of the NCH student experience. The NCHSU exists to promote the interests of the student body as well as planning social and extracurricular activities and providing support to student clubs and societies.

This union has three aims:

  • Engaging the totality of the student body
  • Bringing the union closer to self-sufficiency
  • Building a social hub in college

Upon joining NCH you will automatically be enrolled in the NCHSU and able to take advantage of the benefits that this entails.

Availability of Part-Time Work

  • There are numerous opportunities for students to work part-time in London. Though working part-time is a great way to cover living costs, it is important that this work does not negatively affect your studies.

Careers Guidance

  • LAUNCH, the College’s compulsory professional development programme, encourages students to develop winning behaviours to excel in the competitive jobs market. It is delivered by leading practitioners from a range of industries through project work, seminars and small group discussions. Each year, students work in teams to explore and address current issues faced by a range of enterprises, taking live briefs from clients and conducting primary market research. To date, projects have been developed for organisations including On Our Radar, Find A Cure, Give Me Tap and 21st Century Tiger.
  • In addition, NCH offers intensive careers counselling for all students throughout their three years at the College, including one-to-one career consultations, CV and interview preparation workshops, and opportunities for networking, work experience and internships.


  • Founded in 2011, New College of the Humanities (NCH) has earned a reputation as a world-class academic institution that is leading the way in UK higher education.
  • In 2015, NCH was described as offering "bespoke higher education" and as being positioned "at the forefront of a new era, the academic equivalent of space travel", with our weekly one-to-one tutorial system giving NCH "the edge on even Oxbridge’s one-to-two tutorial system in one crucial way".

Further Details

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