Minimal movement for Northern Ireland’s universities in national rankings but improvements subject-level performance – TheCompleteUniversityGuide.co.uk 2019 league tables #cug2019

Griffin Shiel
25 April 2018

QUB_031011_7944 (2)
Queen's University, Belfast has remained 
the highest ranked Northern Irish university

Queen’s University, Belfast continues to lead the way for Northern Irish universities in TheCompleteUniversityGuide.co.uk 2019 rankings, published today (Wednesday 25 April 2018).

There is very little movement by the two Northern Irish universities in the Main Table. Queen’s, Belfast (=36th) has not moved any places from last year but Ulster University (=73rd) fell two.

Both universities showed improved performances in the separate tables for 70 subjects. Queen’s, Belfast appears in 41 subject tables and is in the Top Ten on ten occasions. This is up from nine last year, due to moving up from 16th to eighth in the Architecture table.

Ulster is in 40 subject tables, one fewer than in 2018 but has six Top Ten places, up from four last year. Neither Queen’s, Belfast or Ulster are top for a subject. 

The two universities perform well in Degree Completions and Graduate Prospects. They also award an above average proportion of good honours (either a first-class or upper second-class honours degree), a measure which has increased again across the UK this year.

Dr Bernard Kingston, Chairman of TheCompleteUniversityGuide.co.uk, said: “The proportion of good honours has steadily but inexorably increased at almost all universities. Either students are working harder, or they are being better taught, or something else is happening. But it is one of the criteria over which universities have a significant degree of control.”

Dr Kingston observed: “With the inclusion of the University of Wolverhampton, we are pleased to be able to provide the first full ranking of all 131 eligible UK universities. It has been a long and, at times, difficult journey to reach this point, with debate about public interest and commercial sensitivity to the fore. But throughout, uppermost in our stance has been what’s best for university applicants and ultimately, for the universities themselves. The underlying data in our independent rankings are theirs and their appearance gives both the public at large and the universities an opportunity to compare and contrast in an open and flexible way.”

For the third year running, TheCompleteUniversityGuide.co.uk has published a ranking of specialist arts, drama and music institutions, with 13 colleges and conservatoires. None is from Northern Ireland.

Simon Emmett, CEO of the Hotcourses Group said: “Since joining the Group three years ago, the Complete University Guide has lived up to its name and, with the return of Wolverhampton, has achieved its goal of publishing the first free-to-access complete rankings of all the UK universities. These independent and unbiased league tables are used by almost a million applicants and their advisers monthly and are, as importantly, also well respected by the universities themselves for their accuracy and stability.”

“The Guide is an essential element of the wide-ranging portfolio of information, advice and guidance available through Hotcourses and its parent company IDP. It complements the counselling and insight programmes and thousands of student reviews which, altogether, offer the biggest, busiest and unparalleled worldwide resources available on UK higher education institutions and their courses.”