41% of students have gone without food because of money concerns. This and more shocking facts about student finance

Robert de la Bedoyere

  • studentmoneysaver.co.uk survey reveals a few shocking facts about student finances today.
  • 41% of students say they have gone without food because of money concerns and 73.8% report that their maintenance loan is not enough to live on. 
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Studentmoneysaver.co.uk surveyed 988 students, asking them a number of financially related questions. The results may prove rather shocking. As well as students going without food and finding that the maintenance loan doesn’t begin to cover the cost of living, 50.2% say they rely on parents for money and 3.6% admit to having done something illegal for money - we'd rather not hazard a guess as to what. 

Many students find that their parents earn too much for them to qualify for extra support but their parents can't afford to fund them: 

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It’s no surprise to hear that students struggle to make ends meet. The maintenance loan for those from a middle income background and studying non-professional degrees stands at £3,610 (outside of London). The average student rent is £4,834 according to the NUS. You do the math!

And this student's maintenance loan has been reduced:

The Complete University Guide is currently running a Student Cost of Living survey. We aim to produce a map of the student cost of living around the country. All with the intention of providing applicants with more useful information.

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