What is a University Open Day? And Other Questions

You will probably have several questions about university open days. Here are some of the top questions that students ask – and our answers to them.


What is a university open day?

This is when a university open its doors so you can visit and experience it first-hand. They are there to help you make decisions on what and where you'd like to study. Open days show you what is on offer, and can usually tell you more about a uni than you'll glean from a prospectus.

You have the chance to see the what the campus and local area are like. You can talk to staff and current students and discover what your future university life could be like. You can use open days as a way to compare universities and courses to see which would suit you best. 

Who are university open days for?

They are mainly for hopeful university students. Open days also provide the chance for parents and guardians to visit universities, so that they can help young students make the right decisions.

What is the point of a university open day?

The reason for an open day is to give you the opportunity to visit a university and be happy with the decisions you make when choosing a course and place to study.

What should I expect from a university open day?

There will be plenty of staff and student ambassadors on site to ensure the open day runs smoothly, and to answer any questions you may have about the university. You can attend talks and presentations about the university, departments, courses student finance and more. There will also be tours around the campus including visits to available student accommodation.

Many universities host workshops and taster sessions so you can have an idea of what the course will be like. Some have exciting things going on, such as DJs or displays and performances. There is normally somewhere for visitors to sit down and buy food and drink.

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What should I wear to a university open day?

There is no strict dress code for open days, they are informal events. The universities are trying to impress you. You're allowed to wear whatever you want, but bear in mind you may be walking around for a lot of the day so make sure you dress comfortably.

Do try to be clean and tidy in appearance however, as you may be making an impression on future tutors. Also, if you are attending an interview on the same day as an open day it is best to dress suitably smart.

When are the most university open days?

Universities run open days throughout the year. The are lots in the summer as this is a good time for students to begin thinking about applying. There are several during the period before the UCAS application deadline. There are also open days after Results Day, for students who go through Clearing and Adjustment.

Open days can occur any day of the week, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

How do I book a university open day?

Search for (and book) open days on our open day calendar. You will also find information about open days on university websites. They should show you how to book a place – there is usually a button you can click to register, or an email address to contact.

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How long are university open days?

They tend to run anytime between 9.00am and 5.00pm, but this varies with each university. Some have open events in evenings.

Are university open days scary?

No! They are there to make you feel comfortable about the choices you make for university.

Are university open days worth going to?

Yes! They can help make or break your university decisions. Don't believe us? Read some real student experiences.