What to do after an open day

You've got the prospectus. You've been to the university and asked the questions you wanted to know. Now comes the tricky part – deciding whether this university could be a place to live and study for the next few years.

We've put together a list of questions to think about after coming home from an open day visit. This should help you determine whether or not the university is the one for you.

Thinking After Visiting Uni

Questions to ask yourself

  • How does it compare to other universities you have researched or visited?
  • Does the course cover your specific interests?
  • Do the staff seem attentive? Did they answer your questions well? Do you think they would help you enough if you went to study there?
  • Does the local area appeal to you? Is there enough to keep you entertained?
  • Would the accommodation be suitable for you?
  • Will you be able to travel to university and around the local area easily?
  • Is it a campus or non-campus university, and does this matter to you?

And most importantly,

  • Even if it isn't your dream university, can you picture yourself being happy there?

Other things to do

Create a pros and cons list about the university. Take into consideration what you liked and didn't like about it.

Ask for the thoughts of the person who you visited the open day with. Often an outsider's perspective can be unbiased and valuable.

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