Why Go to a University Open Day? 

Open days provide a number of invaluable insights despite the heavy marketing that surrounds them. Click through the gallery below to see why you should attend an open day or two, and what to look for when you're there:

"Edinburgh Napier University"

2. You will learn more about the course

One of the pleasures of studying at university is the level of facilities you’ll be able to exploit (or not). Whether this is complete access to the entire back catalogue of The American Poetry Review, or the most up-to-date mass spectrometer on the market, academic facilities matter. An open day can give you a sign of the kind of facilities that will be available to you. Combine with our academic services spend table to get an idea of how much a university invests in its students’ education.

What to look for:

  • Are the facilities up to date?
  • Is all the equipment well maintained?
  • Is there plenty of it? 

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