Why Go to a University Open Day? 

Open days provide a number of invaluable insights despite the heavy marketing that surrounds them. Click through the gallery below to see why you should attend an open day or two, and what to look for when you're there:

"Edge Hill University"

6. You can have a tour of the accommodation

It’s likely that you’ll be moving away from home for your years at university, and may be living in halls in your first year. Take advantage of the opportunity afforded on open days to have a look around the halls of residence. Make sure the universities you apply to house their students in an environment acceptable to you. A tour of the accommodation and a look at a university’s Facility Spend will give you an idea of how well they support their students.

What to look for:  

  • How are the bathroom facilities?
  • Is there a living area?
  • Is it warm enough?
  • Will you be safe and secure?
  • How far is it to lectures?

Our accommodation advice can be found here.