Why Go to a University Open Day? 

Open days provide a number of invaluable insights despite the heavy marketing that surrounds them. Click through the gallery below to see why you should attend an open day or two, and what to look for when you're there:

"Kingston riverside"

7. You can visit the university locale

University isn’t all work, work, work. There’s plenty of time to wind down and enjoy life, but is this the right place for you? Some students love the busy city, while others are looking for a quieter lifestyle. Take a walk around the surrounding area and make sure this place is the one for you. It’s also worth considering the wider area when making choices. Adventurous types may enjoy a national park or accessible coastline. Cosmopolitan types will enjoy easy connections to many of the UK’s cities.   

What to look for:

  • How is the public transport?
  • Is there a cinema, theatre, bowling alley, etc?
  • How much do things cost?
  • How safe is your city?