Pre-Arrival and Welcome Arrangements

  • The university provides an orientation programme for new students.
  • Pre-arrival information is available on the website and sent to students by their college.
  • There is extensive support for visa advice and other important matters for international students from the university’s Student Information and Advisory Service. Please refer to the university website for further details.

English Language Requirements

  • Please refer to the university website for details.

Accommodation for International Students

  • Students do not need to look for accommodation before they arrive in Oxford as all colleges arrange rooms for first-year students. Accommodation is guaranteed for at least one further year, and some colleges can provide accommodation for all years of a course.
  • Catering is provided in the college dining rooms, which can be used by any student of that college, whether they are living in the college or elsewhere. Some college rooms also have access to self-catering facilities.
  • Most college rooms have Internet access.
  • Rooms for first-year students are usually allocated randomly, so international students will be spread evenly throughout the college. Students in college accommodation are usually required to leave their rooms during the vacations. Colleges may be able to provide some storage facilities, or if students ask early enough and space is available, they may be able to stay during the vacation.
  • Students renting rooms privately usually have use of that room for the full 12 months of their contract.
  • Oxford is a small city, and all accommodation is just a few minutes on foot or by bike from other parts of the university.

Tuition Fees

The following are the typical annual course fees for overseas students submitted to us by the university (Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees 2017–2018). Always confirm individual course fees with the university.

Type of Course Undergraduate Taught Postgraduate
Classroom £23,105 £19,791
Mixed £24,120 £19,791
Laboratory £30,540 £26,211
Clinical - £34,956
Teaching takes place in a classroom or ordinary lecture theatre. Subjects with classroom teaching might include history, maths and philosophy.
Subjects taught in classrooms and laboratories, such as languages.
Much of the teaching may take place in a laboratory and includes biology, chemistry and physics.
Dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine are the clinical subjects.

What Do International Students Study?