Postgraduate Education

Lucy Hodges

What is Postgraduate Study?

A postgraduate degree is a qualification that you study for when you have finished your first degree such as a BA.

  • Some postgraduate degrees require you to have completed a particular bachelor’s degree; others don’t.

At present more than 500,000 students are enrolled on postgraduate programmes in the UK.

  • The number of students undertaking postgraduate degrees has risen in recent decades as more and more people seek to improve their skills and knowledge in their chosen career and to gain an edge in the employment market.
  • Increasingly, graduates in their twenties and thirties are choosing to take Masters degrees – and even PhDs – so that they may gain entry to the career of their choice.

More and more postgraduate students in the UK come from overseas: the latest figures show that 76% of taught Masters students are from outside the UK, including the EU, so you will find yourself in the company of people from different cultures and from far-flung parts of the globe.

  • There are more women than men taking taught Masters degrees – 56% as against 44%.
  • Many postgraduate courses are studied at university, but some courses are taught in a commercial setting.