Postgraduate Education – Full-time or Part-time Study

Postgraduate courses can be studied in flexible ways. 

  • For people who are in work or looking after a family during the day, full-time study may be out of the question. You can choose how you study to suit your busy lifestyle.
  • That means you can extend your course by studying part-time, by day release or block release or by evening study.

Many colleges and universities offer part-time degree courses, delivered via evening and weekend classes, day release or study breaks, helping you to manage study around your life.

  • Some courses offer a mixture of online and offline work with regular assignments and tutor support. Some might be able to alter course deadlines to fit around your responsibilities.

Usually, a flexible course takes longer than a full-time course, but you still cover the same syllabus, assignments, classes and exams.

  • As with so many other aspects of postgraduate study, part-time and flexible study can vary from one university to another, and from course to course.
  • A full-time PhD, for example, could mean that you are required to be present from 9 am to 5 pm every weekday (this happens in the sciences), or it could mean you have a set number of hours teaching time a week and the rest is self-directed study.