Postgraduate Education – the Practicalities

Qualifications required for a postgraduate course, how to apply, and information sources – for both UK and international students.

Do You Qualify for a Postgraduate Course?

Specific entry requirements for postgraduate courses vary considerably, so you should always check entry requirements with the institution you are interested in.

This is true as well for a PhD. But you will probably also need a Masters degree, an MPhil or an MRes as well as evidence that you know something about research procedures.

If your qualifications are gained outside the UK, you could ask your local British Council office for help about the comparability of yours with those in the UK. After that you could contact your chosen institution.

Applying for a Postgraduate Course

There is no centralized admissions system for postgraduate courses in the UK, so you should apply directly to your chosen institution(s).

Universities and colleges using UKPASS

For the most part, each institution has its own procedure.

You should draw up a shortlist of institutions and courses.

Check with departments about the closing date for applications.

Entry and Employment Regulations


Sources of Information

A number of websites give useful information about postgraduate courses.

English Language Courses

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