Why You Should Consider Postgraduate Study

  • People choose to take a Masters degree or a PhD for many reasons.
  • You might want to further your career, change career direction, defer a career decision, enter a profession that requires a specific qualification, pursue your passion for a particular subject or learn more about an industry and create valuable contacts.

A postgraduate qualification is a good way to enhance your job prospects. It enables you to stand out from the crowd and it shows that you have commitment and dedication.

  • With the tuition fee for a one-year Masters in the UK averaging £6,000 and with some universities charging at least double that, undertaking a postgraduate course is a decision you should not take lightly.
  • The postgraduate loans scheme for UK/EU graduates, brings masters and postgraduate study within reach of more students.
  • Before deciding on postgraduate study, you should have worked out why you want to do it and what you can expect in terms of workload, teaching styles and finances.

Professional Career Path

For some professions a postgraduate qualification is mandatory; for others it is desirable.

  • Postgraduate qualifications are as valuable in the private as the public sector.
  • An MBA may advance your business career in a way that nothing else will.
  • More than one quarter of postgraduates in a recent survey felt that their future employment prospects were better as a result of their qualifications.

To improve your job prospects you will need to choose your postgraduate course with care and research your chosen field.

  • With any luck too, you should find that a Masters degree improves your earnings potential.
  • Postgraduates may begin on a higher starting salary and advance more quickly in some careers; in others, work experience is valued over postgraduate study, so make sure you do your homework on careers properly.

Pursuit of Knowledge

People who choose to take a Masters or PhD for this reason are often older and some are retired, but not all fall into this category.

  • You can also take a Masters or PhD part-time and fit it in around your work in the evenings, at weekends or by taking a course by block release.
  • If you choose to take a postgraduate course to pursue your personal interests, you may want to opt for a research degree.
  • Make sure that you are happy with the teaching styles and content of the course because there will have been changes since you were last studying at university.

Deferring Career Decision

If you’re coming to the end of your undergraduate studies but you still have a yen to learn and to carry out research, a postgraduate course can satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

  • Postgraduate study gives you the chance to really specialise in a field that interests you and advance your knowledge.
  • If you enjoy the subject you are studying, then you may be motivated to move on to a higher degree.
  • In the current employment market, finding a job is difficult. Of course, entering postgraduate study should not be a way to avoid looking for work, but continuing with higher education in the current climate could make sense.