Josefina – Postgraduate Student Success Story

Postgrad Josefina

Josefina comes from Chile in South America and is studying for a MA in information design at the University of Reading

What's your background and why did you choose postgraduate study?

I had five years of experience in graphic design in Chile, first in a small design studio and then as a freelance designer. I decided to take a Masters overseas because I wanted to specialise in a field of graphic design. Also I wanted to reconnect to the academic world and to have the experience of living abroad.

How did you choose your postgrad course?

I selected the course first. I chose to sign up for this MA because the department of typography and graphic communication at the University of Reading is world-renowned and was recommended to me by a couple of designers I knew.
Then there was the cost: price-wise courses are cheaper in the UK than in the USA. Also because I have a French passport (I am of French descent) it was easier for me to come to Europe. I had been to Europe many times before so I was more comfortable in this continent than in the USA.

And, how did you apply?

A year before my course started I happened to be in the UK on vacation. I made an appointment with the programme director to find out more about the course and to see the department. I visited Reading and found this useful and informative. I registered for the course online. It was very straightforward. I also contacted the postgraduate coordinator who was helpful.

Course fees – how did you finance your course?

I financed my course out of my savings. My husband, who came with me, had savings as well and my mum has been helping out. We sold everything in Chile when we came.

The course and the department have certainly lived up to my expectations. The staff are experts in what they do and I am hoping to get work in information design afterwards to gain experience. One day I will return to Chile.