Top 10 Postgraduate Subjects for Employability

Improving career prospects is one reason for considering postgraduate study. Here we list the top 10 postgraduate subject areas for employability*.

See What do Postgraduates Do? for the full list of subject areas and scores.

*% of postgraduates in full-time professional employment 6 months after leaving uni. HESA 2016–17. All students were enrolled on full-time courses.


=7. Computer Science

Postgraduate Employability: 73%

Is it any wonder that during a period of serious digital innovation, postgraduate computer scientists have little trouble finding gainful employment? Computer scientists study and learn how to design and manipulate computers and computational processes. As computers are used so widely those with expertise in this field can find employment in almost any industry. Most postgraduate computer scientists come from computing or mathematical backgrounds, but there are some courses specially designed for students with a less relevant Bachelor's degree.

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