Preparing to Go

2018 Complete University Guide League TablesTuition Fees and Financial SupportSports Facilities Table

2018 Complete University Guide League Tables

Find out which universities are best nationally and in 70 different subjects

Where to Live

Get advice on all things accommodation:

Gap Years

Find out how a gap year could benefit you, from overseas volunteer projects to summer placements.


Advice for Parents

Specifically for parents, guardians and carers

It's not easy saying goodbye to your children when they leave to go to university!
Take a look at how to support your child as they prepare to go, how to adjust when they have gone, and more.

Insure Your stuff

Things break. Things go missing. Be prepared.

Insurance is a way of preparing now for the future, and protecting yourself from financial loss as best you can. Begin investigating insurance now so that you can rest easy about what comes later.