Preparing to Go

Tuition Fees and Financial SupportAsk a question and you could win a prize worth £50!Find Clearing and Adjustment courses for September

Tuition Fees and Financial Support

For students going to university in 2018-19

6 Ways to Spend Your Summer

Here comes summer – make the most of the long break

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Make the most of your time off this summer – you'll head off to uni in September refreshed, relaxed and perhaps having gained useful skills and even some extra cash.

Where to Live

Get advice on all things accommodation:

Save Money on Travel

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Save money on travelling to, from and around your university town or city, by following these guides for using:

Advice for Parents

Specifically for parents, guardians and carers

Take a look at how to support your child as they prepare to go to university, how to adjust when they have gone, and more.

Gap Years

Find out how a gap year could benefit you, from overseas volunteer projects to summer placements.