Preparing to Go

Results Day and Clearing 2019

Results Day and Clearing 2019

Plan for the big day and discover all you need to know about Clearing.

How to Make the Most of Your Summer

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Make the most of your time off this summer – you'll head off to uni in September refreshed and relaxed, perhaps having gained useful skills and even some extra cash.

Money & Work

Managing your money is an important lesson, and one university life can help you learn. See our advice below on how to best utilise your time and skills to keep studying affordable and stress-free. 
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Gap Years

From overseas volunteer projects to summer placements, find out how a gap year could benefit you.

Save Money on Travel

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Save money on travelling to, from and around your university town or city, by following these guides for using:

Where to Live

Our advice on all things accommodation

Advice for Parents

Specifically for parents, guardians and carers

Take a look at how to support your child as they prepare to go to university, how to adjust when they have gone, and more.