6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Break

Whether you've finished school, or come to the end of another academic year at university – a long summer break awaits. Right now you're on top of the world with it all ahead of you, but not making productive use of this time will cause all the elation and joy to quickly descend into feelings of utter boredom, or even despair. 13 (maybe more) weeks is a long time, make the most of it! Here's how:

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Rest and Relaxation

OK yes, we have just made a big case for productively using of your time off but we all need a little R&R don't we? And who says a bit of chilling doesn't have its own value? Resting the mind, body and soul is absolutely essential after a year's hard academic graft. If you've just finished school, be warned the workload at uni will intensify – make sure you're recharged by the time you head to university. And those currently at uni take heed, uni life can be intense what with all that studying and partying – ever heard the phrase 'burning the candle at both ends?'

Read a book, paint, watch TV, go for a stroll, whatever it is that gets you all chilled out – make time for it.