Advice for Parents

For most students, their parents, carers or guardians play an important role when it comes to the university process. This section focuses on areas specifically of interest to those who help their children make one of the biggest steps in their lives. We're here to help you help them!

Parents At Graduation

Parents: the saviours of the student value-line diet.

Why family is so important

Parents provide an important element of stability at a time when many things are in a state of change, where it can all be overwhelming.

The emotional back-up and support family members offer can greatly assist the transition to university life.

They give a lot of support, from financial, to help on open days, to acting as guarantors for rented accommodation.

Not just for parents with children moving away

Not all students live away from home at university – a rising numbers of students choose to live at home with their parent(s) or family. If this is your case, be prepared for the change in lifestyle and flexibility that comes with university study.

If you are a parent yourself and are considering university you are not alone. UK universities have good support services in place for childcare and nursery provision, along with student support, scholarships and bursaries.

While this section generally refers to parents, it applies equally to guardians and all other carers and supportive adults who may get involved.