Preparing for their leaving

All being well, come September you will be preparing to drive off to university with your offspring in tow. Make sure both you and your child are prepared for the transition.

From signing forms to insurance, there is a lot to sort out. If they are moving away, there is all the preparation for living in a completely different place that may be several hundred miles away.


Help them prepare to go

If they want, help teach them to cook, how to keep on top of their washing and how to budget suitably. There are plenty of books you can buy that are aimed at students cooking on a budget, and confidence in the kitchen in self-catered accommodation will rapidly ensure some firm friendships.

Remember to check things that are easy to forget such as insurance (many household insurance policies don't cover possessions taken to university) or if they need a TV licence.

Live-at-home students

  • Give them space.
  • Don't be surprised if they occasionally don't come home at night (they are likely to be on a friend's floor in university accommodation).
  • Set boundaries and clear rules for them letting you know their whereabouts to avoid worry – even if via a brief text or email.

Budgeting should not be forgotten by live-at-home students

They can access almost £7,000 in loan in support for living costs, plus in many cases, a student grant or bursary. Try to encourage them to budget, save money for later in the year and to use their support income to avoid excessive term-time job hours.

They are at university to study, to make new friends and experience university life – 10 hours part-time work should be fine for students living at home – they normally have no rent to pay and less living expenses than their counterparts who have left home.

Worried about safety?