What should a school/college do?

Most schools and colleges have a programme in place to support students applying or considering higher education.

This is part of their committment to lifelong learning. As a parent or carer you are fully entitled to ask the school what level of support there is on offer to your child.

This support should include many or all of the following:

  • A library of resources, including university prospectuses and UCAS publications.
  • A trip to a university Open Day/event and to allow students to visit a number of universities if timetable allows – or encourage weekend/holiday visits.
  • A visit to a UCAS higher education convention with information stands for many or all universities.
  • Talks by representatives of one or more universities on general issues.
  • A series of sessions giving advice about the UCAS process, with training in how to use the on-line application resources.
  • Access to initiatives and activities such as Widening Participation/Outreach, Gifted and Talented, Master Classes and Subject Conferences hosted and organised by universities.
  • A member of staff responsible for all this and available to provide assistance to both student and parents.
  • Impartial advice based on the 21st century higher education scene without prejudice or outdated views on certain types of course or university.
  • Parents HE Advice Evening or HE Guidance event after school day finishes.