Five Top Tips for Starting University

Your life will change when you start university – especially if you move away from the comforts of home. It will be a learning curve, but don't forget that almost every other student will be going through the same thing.

Here are some top tips to help with the transition.

1. Only pack the essentials

You may have the urge to pack everything you own when getting ready for university, but take the time to think about what is essential and what is unnecessary.

You don't need to take too much. When living with others, you may end up with multiples of the same things, such as kitchen equipment. You can always wait until you know what is available and then purchase any extras. Try not to take anything too expensive, and make sure not to forget to pack important documents you'll need for enrolment!

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2. Don't hide away

It can be scary meeting lots of new people, especially living with them, but try not to hide in your room. Be brave, wedge your door open and be social! You're going to be around these people a lot for the next year at least!

You could even have some snacks or teabags ready for group situations – you'll be immediately loved! Countless numbers of students will be beginning at the same time as you, so you're bound to share interests with at least one other person. Just make sure you put yourself out there so you can find them.

Freshers' week should be one of the most fun and memorable times of your university life, but do remember to pace yourself. Take time to pause, have a nap, and don't feel pressured to be sociable all the time.

3. It's okay to miss home

Moving out can be really hard, not to mention a new environment, new friends, a new education and new responsibilities. It will be likely you'll feel down at some point. But, as mentioned earlier, most students will probably be feeling the same way – it's completely normal. Keep in touch with family and friends and let them know how you're feeling, and if you need to, contact university support services which should always be available to help.

4. Believe in yourself

Don't ever think you're not intelligent enough to be where you are. It will be difficult stepping up to degree level, but the staff will make sure you are gradually introduced to the work, and will help make sure you don't feel overwhelmed.

Most universities will have extra learning facilities on hand to assist with your studies, and some even have workshops and short courses before the term starts. Don't forget, you picked your course for a reason, most likely because it is something you have a deep interest in. Any difficulties will be worth it in the end.

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5. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way

From work experience to joining a club or society, there is a wealth of different things you can do to enrich your student life. Make the most of your time when not studying. Extra skills you develop, as well as contacts and networks you may gain, will enhance your degree, boost your CV and could create new opportunities after graduating.