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Olivia's Gap Year Diary – After Results Day


So results day is over and regardless of whether they were good or bad, everyone is deciding on their next step. Should I take that university place? Do I need to do resits? Did I ever really want to go to university in the first place?

All around the world, students are rushing to make the decisions that will set the boundary for the next few years of their lives.

Personally, I’d rather not talk about results day. Let’s simply say that I got what I thought I would, but, however, still need to go back and do resits – yeah.

Prioritising Choices

Now, before results day, I had planned out my gap year entirely, leaving out a few months just in case. Now, after results day, I have to add into my already hectic plans time to study and retake many of my A Levels.

Honestly, this was extremely stressful, much more so than persuading my very overprotective family to let me go to Thailand for a month on my own and that was a constant and very unpleasant cycle of yelling and tears.

So this is the topic of this month’s piece: What do you do when your pre-made plans go astray?

Whether it’s not getting the university place you wanted or your results being lower than you wished, choices have to be made by you in order for you to progress. This, from my personal experience, is horrible, especially when those around you don’t agree with the choices you want to make.

Making Choices - My Top 3 Tips:

1) Put things into perspective

You aren’t the only one. In my friendship group only one of us was completely happy post results day, with another deciding to redo 2 years of school and another having to go into clearing to get into the university of their choice. Hardly anything ever goes the way you want it to the first time and if it doesn't you're in good company.

2) Make time to think things through properly

Grab a cup of tea, talk to friends and family, whatever it is you need to do to calm down. Don’t let the thought that you are running out of time cause you to make a poor snap decision. Whatever the choice you make is it needs to be one you've really thought through. Talk to people who have gone through this before, talk to your school, you may even consider asking The Complete University Guide.

3) Explore your options

There are a load of different routes to success, take a look around and find what's right for you.

All in all, try not to worry, keep a clear head and be open minded; this possible set back may give way to a route which might help you in the long run. Anything is possible if you set you mind to it, so don’t worry about time, your dreams will still be waiting for you at the end of the road.